The Definitive Must Haves List For A Perfect Outdoor Living Space

The Definitive Must Haves List For A Perfect Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space should be just that – a place to entertain, to relax, to eat, and most of all, a place to live your best life at home in the fresh air. Building an outdoor living space may seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you’re starting from scratch, but all the work is well worth the effort and you may even find it’s quite fun as well. Building an outdoor living space is made much easier with a place to start, and a great place to start is with a definitive list of absolute must haves.

Your must haves will serve as your outdoor living space foundation, a place to start that you can use to grow your outdoor living space into the sort you’ve always dreamed of. With plenty of opportunities to impart your own style on your space, your must haves may even serve as fantastic inspiration you can use to dream up all types of other styling elements. From Boho to Scandinavian, to coastal and tropical styles, you can turn your outdoor styling into a reality even better than the fantasy you may already keep in your head.

Your Seating

Your seating is an important must for any outdoor living space. Depending on your outdoor styling preferences, you can go with something Boho and simple like bean bag chairs, or something a bit more elegant and structured like an outdoor sofa. For the modern and structured outdoor living space that doesn’t have a whole lot of space, something like the 4pc Outdoor Table and Chairs Set Pool Furniture Wicker Lounge in black is absolutely perfect. The style is highly versatile, with a structured modern look in black but a wicker construction that gives the set a bit more of a free-spirited feel. If you’re looking for a similar style for a larger space, the 5 Piece Outdoor Wicker Rattan Sofa Lounge Set in Black is great for entertaining or creating a real outdoor living room feel.

Your seating will also be important for your outdoor dining area. In some instances, your outdoor styling may include separate outdoor living spaces and dining spaces, or they can be combined. The Gardeon 11 Piece PE Wicker Outdoor Dining Set in black is sleek, elegant, and stylish, and seats 10 for the perfect full family summertime barbecues.

Your Lounge Space

Your seating is important for entertaining, but what about your relaxation? One of the biggest perks of an outdoor living space is a place to get away and relax in the fresh air, so you want the perfect relaxation pieces that really allow you to unwind. A daybed provides a comfortable option for couples and singles, perfect for sneaking in afternoon naps listening to a gentle breeze. The Gardeon 2 Seat PE Wicker Sun Lounge Daybed in Black has the same modern style as the Gardeon 11 Piece Dining Set, but in a 2 person daybed perfect for outdoor use or indoor use if you see fit.

Sometimes relaxation means getting away, and a two-person daybed might welcome company when you’d rather be alone. The Gardeon 3 Piece Outdoor Wicker Lounge Set in Brown features 2 separate loungers and a table, which add free wheeling Boho style to pool sides, gardens, and anywhere you see fit.

A hammock is also an option and a classic one for total relaxation. The Gardeon Outdoor Double Hammock Bed with Canopy is a structured hammock with pillows and sun protection for truly easy relaxation anywhere in your backyard.

Outdoor Heating

Your outdoor living space shouldn’t be limited to warm nights, and you should be able to take advantage of your space for as long as you can. Outdoor heating is the solution you’re looking for, and there are a ton of great different options to choose from. Ethanol heaters are a really elegant option to place around your outdoor seating for warmth that never compromises your style. For modern outdoor styles, they also tend to have a chic appeal that fits right in with modern, Scandinavian, contemporary, and refined design.

For Boho outdoor living spaces, there’s no better outdoor heating option than a good old fashioned firepit. Seating under the stars around a firepit brings people together and turns your outdoor living space into your favourite entertainment spot at home. Firepits aren’t restricted to Boho styles, and modern elegant, coastal, and vintage firepit styles can be found to fit into your design picks as well.


Just like outdoor heating during the cooler months is important to keep your outdoor living space usable, shade keeps things safe and comfortable during the warmer months. Relaxing under a strong sun isn’t just often uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous, as you expose your skin to the sun’s harmful rays. Outdoor shades keep you cool, comfortable, and safe, which is why they should have a prized place on any must haves list.

If your outdoor living space is located near the home, a motorised awning is easy and convenient. If your larger outdoor living space is placed away from where an awning will work best, shade sails can serve as the perfect option. In a myriad of colours, shade sails block UV rays and offer easy setup. Umbrellas are another great option, and what you may want to look into if you have an outdoor relaxation space set apart from the rest of your living area.