Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Living Space

Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Living Space

Having an outdoor living space brings value to your home in a few different ways. Not only does it make living more enjoyable, it makes entertaining easy, and can even help to raise the actual monetary value of your home as well. So, how do you go about building the best outdoor living space? A few outdoor styling tips and smart planning can actually make bringing the best outside room to your home quite simple.

6 Easy Ways To Build The Best Outdoor Room

The thought of imagining, building, and executing the best outdoor room can be intimidating for some. For those who do find the process intimidating, there’s most likely just 1 big thing they’re doing “wrong”. Simply put, thinking too much and making the idea of an outdoor room larger and more complicated than it needs to create this scenario, and it can be stopped by reminding yourself to keep it simple. 6 easy additions for improving your outdoor space are:

• Set up a hammock – There is something about a hammock that simply exudes relaxation, sets the right mood, and attracts others to your outdoor room. While spending off-time at home, the hammock can also serve as the perfect hangout spot to release the stresses of the day. With the quick few minutes it takes to install and set up the hammock, you can transform your area and get to the start of the outdoor relaxation and entertainment space that you really want.

• Invest in a firepit – If your main motivation in improving an outdoor space is to make it more entertaining friendly, investing in a firepit should be one of the first improvements you should make. Firepits act as a center for all of the entertaining you’ll do, and it opens up your outdoor living space to be used and enjoyed all throughout the year. For those chilly nights with friends, the firepit is a warm and inviting anchor piece. Another great perk? With all of the various styles of firepits out there, there is always one that will perfectly match your existing or desired décor.

• Refreshment cart – Refreshment carts aren’t only for those entertaining with adult beverages, they’re perfect for hosting outdoor brunches, lunches, and dinners, too. A refreshment cart can be loaded up with fruits, juices, and other beverages, then taken to the outdoor dining area with ease. While not in active use, they can be used in an outdoor lounge or seating area to hold candles, décor, snacks, or whatever you may need to spruce up the experience.

• Ample shade – Nothing ruins a nice time enjoying an outdoor space quite like an unrelenting sun. Even during otherwise beautiful fall and spring days, the sun’s strong rays beating down can make things uncomfortable, or in some instances, even risky. One incredibly simple way to improve an outdoor space is by adding in shade, either using an outdoor umbrella over an eating area, a triangle shade around a low-lying bean bag area, or a portable gazebo with or without sides to create both shade and ample privacy. These additions ensure there is a comfortable and safe way to enjoy your outdoor living spaces of any kind.

• Consider lighting – Lighting not only improves your ability to use your outdoor living space, but it also makes a huge impact on your outdoor styling. Consider how much of an impact lighting makes on the inside of your home, and what the right lighting does for interior styling in general. For an outdoor living space, lighting is just as important, as it allows your lounge or dining area to be used in all lighting conditions while also communicating your personal outdoor styling motif.

• Figure out your best seating – An outdoor space that has a relaxed and boho vibe isn’t going to mesh well with Hamptons style furniture, and vice versa. Along with your firepit, the seating you choose is going to be a big deal to the comfort and style of your outdoor living space. Bean bags make an excellent seating choice if you are going for that Boho-chic vibe, while a more refined space might work better with a Scandinavian or Amalfi Wicker Sofa situated around a firepit center with a beverage cart off to the side. If there is a single place to start when designing outdoor styling, start with your seating and work your way around the space from there.

Know Where To Start And Let The Style Follow

When one tries to think of a general concept as a concept, that’s when styling gets intimidating. Rather than trying to dream up a cohesive look with 4, 5, or 6 things at once, let yourself start small. When you start your outdoor styling small, you have an anchor to work from, and you begin the adventure from a starting point rather than trying to picture the entire journey at once.

In creating a simple, stylish, and functional outdoor space, a great place to begin is with your seating or a dining area. From there, you can begin to expand on your ideas, considering shade, warmth, light, privacy, and décor until you’ve flawlessly and simply built the exact living space you’ve been dreaming of. The imagining and execution of an outdoor space shouldn’t be something that intimidates; it should be a simple process one can develop and enjoy.