Outdoor Styling Tips For Creating The Perfect Outside Room

Outdoor Styling Tips For Creating The Perfect Outside Room

Your outside room is your sanctuary away from the indoors. Whether you have a small backyard or some real space, a few outdoor styling tips can really bring your outside room to life. A space that allows you to relax in the fresh air and brings your entertaining to a whole new level is a space that will become the backdrop of more memories than you may realize. So, what can be done to create the perfect outside room and the space that quickly becomes the new favourite in your home and with your guests? A few tips can help. 

Outdoor Styling Tips 

Styling tips aren’t just a guide to use, they’re also great inspo for all the things you can do in creating your outdoor living space. Some styling tips to use in creating your perfect outside room are: 

  • Set your traffic borders – Like in the living room, or the dining room, one of the first steps in creating your perfect outside room should be establishing your traffic borders. Without doing so, the outdoor room may look a little messy and confused, and it’ll lose that cohesive living space look. Traffic borders can be set by laying down pathways, using shrubbery or planters, or making use of shifts in hardscaping design. Your traffic borders will show everyone where is for walking and traveling, and where is for sitting and relaxing. 
  • Bring in some fire – Hanging out in front of the fireplace is one of the single best ways to get cosy inside, and this doesn’t change when you walk outdoors. A fire source is a great draw for gatherings and making outdoor spaces feel homey, cosy, and inviting. The 158cm Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace with Stainless Steel Burner is the perfect modern and stylish way to bring a fire source into an outdoor living space that offers warmth to every guest while entertaining. 
  • Offer variety in your seating – Thinking of your outdoor living space like a second living room is a great way to approach design. Like an indoor living room, different seating options helps to create depth and interest to your space, while also providing functional comfort. When building your perfect outside room, provide a variety of seating for your guests to enjoy, and to bring some added style into the mix. A hanging chair like the New Oxford Hanging Chair Hammock is a great accent to an outdoor sofa, and ottomans provide a place to rest feet or additional seating if necessary. If the outdoor room has a bar space, barstools also make a perfect option. 
  • Consider shade – Outdoor living doesn’t only occur when the sun goes down, so you’ll need to consider shade to provide optimal comfort. While enjoying a meal or some downtime outdoors, the shade you choose will be responsible for making sure your entire experience is enjoyable. An open outdoor gazebo like the 3×4.5 Outdoor Gazebo in Navy is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking to shade a central sort of outdoor living area, but smaller spaces may equally benefit from an umbrella or shade.  
  • Have fixtures do double duty – Ottomans and bench seating with storage underneath, tables that also hold barbecue tools, and surfaces that can hold pops of colour with plants underneath should all be prioritized in any outdoor living space. By playing double duty, these fixtures can serve their intended purpose while also helping to keep your outdoor space functional and organized. The single easiest killer of outdoor style is clutter, and double duty takes care of the clutter problem with ease. 
  • Break it up – If you plan to use your outdoor living space as a dining area and a relaxing area, you don’t have to use the same space for both. Using outdoor area rugs or different seating zones, you can break up the area rather easily while still having a cohesive look. In a larger space, one may even have an outdoor bar area near the grill with barstool seating or a dining table, and a pathway to an outdoor sofa with comfortable seating and a fireplace. For a smaller backyard, using a bench for a dining area that also suits the style of the lounge space can connect the two while still keeping them amply zoned. 
  • Incorporate privacy – It’s difficult to feel as though you’re in an intimate space when everything around you is open. Luckily, the feeling of intimacy is actually quite simple to create. Privacy slides are a very simple and moldable way to create the feeling of privacy in an intimate space that can be moved and adjusted as one sees fit. For a more permanent feeling of privacy, a closed gazebo creates what is essentially the feeling of a private enclosed room, but may not be as easy to adjust or remove on a whim like a privacy slide. Your choice of privacy method will rely solely on the type of privacy you’re going for in your outdoor living space, and how adjustable you wish it to be. 

With a few outdoor styling tips, creating the perfect backyard living space is simple no matter what area you’re working with. With shade, zoning, colour, and a gathering space, you can treat yourself to an entirely new type of sanctuary you cannot wait to get home and enjoy. For entertaining, your outdoor living space will add an entirely new dimension to parties and gatherings with family and friends.