Outdoor Room Ideas For Spaces Of Any Size

Outdoor Room Ideas For Spaces Of Any Size

There are so many things a person can do with their outdoor room, and outdoor room ideas and outdoor styling tips come in all shapes and sizes. No backyard space is too small to make your own, as you extend your personal style from your interior to your exterior property. From Hamptons coastal to boho-chic, your outdoor room will have just the atmosphere you’ve been looking for when you choose the right pieces and use the right outdoor styling tips.

Building An Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor room ideas for living room spaces are numerous, and they really give people a new way to enjoy their backyards. This is one of the most popular outdoor room choices for many, and for good reason. Simply, your outdoor living room gives you ample space and opportunity to use your backyard for quality time, whether it’s with the family or entertaining friends.

For larger backyard spaces, outdoor styling tips for an outdoor living room are limitless. Incorporating a large outdoor sofa give you the perfect anchor piece to work with, basing the rest of your décor and set up around the central sofa location. At the feet of the sofa an outdoor rug can really bring colour and style into your outdoor living room, and an outdoor BBQ table grill takes care of making snacks, bringing style, and adding light and heat to the area.

Medium sized backyards can also benefit from an outdoor living room, and while you may not have the same options to work with as one would in a large space, there is plenty of opportunity to create the living room of your dreams. A smaller sofa and chair set can be arranged to make the most of your seating area, with a smaller infrared heater bringing ample warmth for those chilly nights. Alongside your core pieces of a heater and sofa, your décor will be where you allow your personal style to shine.

Small backyard spaces aren’t left out of the outdoor living room idea. Smaller outdoor room ideas use quite a bit of creativity to maximize the space you do have. For a boho-chic outdoor living room look, a wicker outdoor lounge set with matching table gives you the anchor pieces you need to begin building your scaled down and free-spirited outdoor living room. If a cosier look is what you’re after, a modern table and chairs set with cushions and a couple of gorgeous throw pillows may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Like outdoor living rooms, any space can be turned into an outdoor dining area. These outdoor room ideas focus on backyard eating and entertaining, giving friends an family a reason to come by and enjoy your outdoor space, as well as something to do while they’re there. The 5 Piece Outdoor Dining Table Set in Black is the perfect outdoor dining set for any sized space, and the style is versatile enough to fit right into any desired décor. With an easy bar-like construction, a small space can use 1 set, a medium sized space can line up 2 sets together, and larger spaces can place together however many sets they need.

With a BBQ grill table, any outdoor living room can be transformed into an outdoor dining area, with the BBQ grill providing food, heat, and light right in the centre of your living room area. With outdoor dining room spaces, the sky and your creativity is the limit to what you can achieve.

Outdoor Lounges

For sunbathing, reading, or simply relaxing, outdoor lounges are a popular option in terms of outdoor room ideas. These lounges are incredibly versatile in style, and they maximize the enjoyment a person will get from their backyard area. For those looking for a breezier or more boho-chic appeal, a modern double hammock bed is the perfect choice. If you’re going for a coastal look, a classic tassel hammock may suit your style a bit better while providing the same breezy and relaxing feel.

If you’re looking to create a lounge with a more structured look than what a hammock can provide, an outdoor lounge day bed may be exactly what you’re going for. Two day lounge beds with chic and modern table placed in the centre, for holding cold drinks on a hot day, is the perfect way to begin your modern outdoor lounge style.

Playing With Your Style And Décor

With the core pieces of necessary furniture out of the way, you can begin complementing your look and building your outdoor style with the right pieces of décor. In smaller backyard spaces, you may find that you’re having difficulty figuring out how to add in décor without taking away valuable floor space. In these instances, using vertical space is always recommended, allowing you to give your area your own personal touch while using space that would otherwise go unoccupied by furniture or guests. The Jali Wall Panel is a piece that goes right along with any style, as it brings a touch of outdoor greenery right to your living, dining, or lounging area.

Those working with larger or medium sized spaces really have a lot they can work with in terms of décor. Greenery always creates a serene and versatile look, bringing life into your outdoor living space quite unlike anything else. Alongside greenery, sculptures amplify the sophistication of your style with eye-catching pieces that demand attention.