Improving Outdoor Space With Scandinavian Style

Improving Outdoor Space With Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style can be summed up succinctly – it’s simple, it’s functional, and it’s minimalist. Scandinavian style has burst onto the scene in recent years filling spaces with clean lines and modern functionality. Improving outdoor space with Scandinavian style is quite simple, and really provides you with outdoor styling that grows with you. For those with smaller or larger backyard spaces, Scandinavian style will always work.

Examples Of Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style has 3 main focuses, and these are clean lines, modern looks, and functionality. When looking into Scandinavian outdoor styling, these are the three main points to look for to ensure any piece will fit in with your bigger style picture. A few examples of key Scandinavian style pieces are:

Outdoor Wicker Sun Lounge Day Bed in Natural Brown – While Scandinavian silhouettes and shapes can be found in any colour, sticking to natural shades really embraces the true simplistic feel. The Outdoor Wicker Sun Lounge Day Bed in Natural Brown uses a basic rectangular shape with a modern feel. Topping the day bed with a natural coloured cushion keeps the Scandinavian style consistent.

Messina 9 Piece Rattan Dining Set – No backyard living space is complete without somewhere to dine or entertain. Keeping with your Scandinavian style inspiration is the Messina 9 Piece Rattan Dining Set in shades of smoke grey and elegant cream. Using sharp edges and clean lines to form square shapes with the table, chairs, and ottomans, the set has a distinctly modern Scandinavian look.

• Outdoor Sofa Sets – Scandinavian style can have a distinctly light and simple look, or a heavier and sturdier look, and in an outdoor sofa set it’s quite easy to appeal to either taste. The Gardeon 12 Piece Outdoor Furniture Set Wicker Sofa Lounge has a more dramatic or “heavier” black wicker construction, boxing in the cream coloured cushions of the sofa and ottoman. For a lighter look, the Gardeon 6 Piece Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set in Brown has a simpler and thinner foundation and in a natural shade of light to medium brown. Both sofa sets feature the same use of clean lines, and both will fit seamlessly in a Scandinavian outdoor space.

• Not all is square – While Scandinavian style does use quite a bit of hard angles, not all Scandinavian is square. For the smaller backyard living space, the curved 4 Piece Outdoor Table and Chairs Set in Black uses clean rounded lines to make up the two chairs, table, and vase that makes up the set. The black wicker used in the pieces creates a particularly beautiful contrast when pairing with brightly coloured cushions or décor.

Incorporating Décor Into Your Scandinavian Space

When improving outdoor spaces with Scandinavian style, your décor is where you can let your personal style really shine. The clean and minimalist foundation of a Scandinavian style makes your décor choices pop, and the sky is truly the limit in terms of how you incorporate your own personality. If you wish to keep the Scandinavian feel going throughout your décor, what you really want to play with is colour.

With cushions and accent pillows, pattern mixing is never over the top when complementing a Scandinavian look. Because the lines of the furniture are kept so clean and simple, you’re never making the space too busy by bringing patterns into the mix. The Frame Cushion in Blue with its tight geometric design complements beautifully with the simpler Narrow Stripe Cushion in Blue, creating an easy pattern mix that can bring a little bit of nautical breeziness and a boho-chic free spirited feel into an undoubtedly Scandinavian space.

Your décor isn’t limited to cushions. The Blue Planters Set of 4 brings pops of blue colour to any surface area, and look particularly great on dining, end, or sofa accent tables. Since naturalism is a big part of Scandinavian style, the plants you grow inside will only add to your style cohesiveness.

Modern Scandinavian style really incorporates eco-friendliness, and this can be a whole lot of fun when it comes to your décor choices. Plants go with everything, and this rings particularly true for your Scandinavian outdoor living space. For those without the green thumb to grow your own, artificial plants give that natural look without the worry of turning brown or falling into ill health. The Artificial Agave Plant or Artificial Japanese Bamboo are both perfect choices for a quick statement piece that really ties together the natural part of your Scandinavian style.

For those looking for that stand out statement piece of décor, but aren’t quite sure about larger plants, sculptures will create the same eye-catching effect. Both the Cacti and Sway Grass sculptures adhere to all of the basic style points of Scandinavian inspired décor, and they’re sure to draw the eye to any particular area you’d like the eye to travel to.

Functional Heating With Scandinavian Style

Sometimes your décor does more than just look good; it works to keep your outdoor living space warm and comfortable even during cool nights. When entertaining, keeping guests comfortable is important, and your outdoor heating can fall right in line with the styling look you’re trying to convey. For instance, the 23 Inch Outdoor Rustic Cast Iron Fire Pit works beautifully with Scandinavian style. The fire bit contains a convenient wood cubby, and burns either wood or coal with ease. The fire is contained in a simple upper bowl, which is held by a sturdy elongated column.