How to Style the Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Your backyard is an extension of the rest of the home, so it is only natural that you want to freshen up and improve the space and design it so that it is not only a great place for entertaining but also a functional area of the home that you can use regularly.

One of the first things you can take a closer look at when you begin to design your outdoor space is the amount of room you have to work with. You can then begin to decide what features you want and find a way to make them work in the space you have available.

Create a Memorable Focal Point

When you create a focal point, you are essentially creating an area outdoors that automatically attracts the eye of anyone visiting. You are creating the perfect place for socialising with friends and family, and you can introduce fun features such as a fire pit to create more of an inviting ambience.

Other ways you can create a stunning focal point include a beautifully landscaped area with flowers and other plant varieties or even a water feature that can turn the outdoor space into a calm and serene area to retreat to and relax.

Add Some Lighting

Adding in some lighting features is a good way to make the space a functional and useful space even after the sun has gone done. The right kind of lights can also add to the overall tone of the space and can provide the perfect romantic setting for a date night in.

What’s Cooking?

Many people do not look forward to having to cook in their kitchens during those sweltering summer months. Also, why should you have to be indoors cooking while all of your guests are outdoors?

Having an alfresco area simply means you have an outdoor room in which you can enjoy fresh air all year long. You extend the design of your home via a deck, patio, ceiling, and outdoor cooking area and then add in some lighting to make it a functional and useful space.

Don’t Forget the Shade

Another element you may need to create the perfect outdoor oasis is the perfect shaded area for you and your guests to relax in and get a break from the hot sun. Adding a roof over your outdoor space is also a good option and will even help protect the area from the weather.

There are several permanent or semi-permanent solutions you can choose from for your space, and you won’t have to break the bank to do it because there are several affordable options available.

Create a Natural Escape

If you want to feel that you are entering an oasis when you step into the backyard and want to feel like you are on a much-needed vacation away from home, then incorporating perfectly placed shrubbery and flowers and other natural elements can turn the space into a retreat.

Planter boxes and other planters can be strategically placed around the yard, and you can also mix in natural furnishings such as a bamboo screen backdrop or other neutral furnishings that incite a more balanced and even flow throughout the space.

Adding in a Fire Source

If you want to use the outdoor space more than just in the warmer months, you may want to consider the addition of a fire feature, such as a fire pit. Having a fire like this makes the space warm and inviting and is definitely a crowd pleaser.

It allows for some warmth on those cooler days, some light, so you don’t have to cut your party short, and there are options available that can work in either a large or small space.

It can definitely become the centrepiece of your backyard, and a fire pit makes for an easy invitation to friends and family. All you have to say is you are lighting the fire, and they will flock to your home.

Creating Serenity

As mentioned earlier, having a water feature in your outdoor space can effectively create a very tranquil and serene environment that you will find easy to relax in. Fountains are one of the easiest and simplest ways to incorporate a water feature into your outdoor oasis.

Backyard water features are great for any type of backyard, whether large or small and they make a very affordable and economical choice if you want a transformation that will not cost you a lot of money.

Outdoor Cinema

Finally, what yard is complete without a great entertaining space where you and friends can gather and watch a movie? An outdoor cinema is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with some good drinks and popcorn and forego an expensive trip to the theatre and instead enjoy a movie in the privacy of your own backyard.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Since you now have a pretty good idea of all the amazing features you can include in your outdoor space to make it fun and functional, you should also remember those smaller details that will really personalise the space.

Including a few outdoor rugs, patterned pillows, and any other items that can add a bit more style and texture can go a long way in creating a vibe conducive for relaxation and enjoyment.

From the furnishings you choose to the lighting and all the little extras, it is up to you to create the perfect outdoor oasis you have been dreaming of.