How To Style A Modern Contemporary Outdoor Living Space

How To Style A Modern Contemporary Outdoor Living Space

Learning how to style a modern contemporary outdoor living space can help you to transform your outside room into something that really makes your vision a reality. While some may feel as though a modern outdoor room is difficult to pull off alongside the natural elements of a backyard, it’s actually something that is fairly simple to realize. With a modern outdoor room, your outdoor elements are incorporated into your contemporary look, just like how the natural elements seem to look even more natural when alongside Boho styles.

Styling your modern contemporary outdoor living space starts with the furnishings and design elements you choose, and will depend heavily on your ability to continue your style throughout your area. When it comes to how to style your space, starting with the larger pieces and working around with décor and additional elements is your best bet.

Choosing Your Furniture

Your outdoor sofa or seating area is a great place to begin when it comes to how to style your outdoor room. This will typically be the big focal point of your space, and it’s where you and your visitors will be spending the most time. You have several options when it comes to choosing the right modern furniture, and a standard sofa isn’t where your creativity has to go.

The 4pc Outdoor Table and Chairs Set is the perfect modern set for smaller backyard areas, or those looking for a different approach when it comes to seating. The set comes with 2 chairs, one sleek round table, 1 matching vase, 2 lime colour cushions, and waterproof storage cover, making for the perfect spot to sit and relax in a more intimate setting. With the brilliant contrast created by combining lime with dark grey, you get a high fashion appeal as well as a modern one.

For those looking to entertain larger groups of friends and family, an outdoor sofa arrangement is likely your best bet. While an intimate set provides a contemporary bistro type appeal, it’s not going to suit larger groups well. The 7 Piece Outdoor Wicker Rattan Sofa Lounge Set has the same modern look and colour combination, but in a sleek sofa design that is perfect for seating 6. This set comes along with single sofas, corner sofas, an ottoman, a corner table with tempered glass top, and cushions as well as throw pillows for comfort and style.

Perhaps you’re looking for something really different, or your outdoor living space is situated around a pool. The Gardeon 2 Seat PE Wicker Sun Lounge Daybed in Black uses this same colour palette, but in an ultra-modern 2 person daybed design. When entertaining around a pool or pond space, this daybed combined with the 4 piece outdoor table and chairs set really takes a new approach to setting the foundation of your outdoor style.

Consider Your Dining Area

A separate living and dining space in your outdoor room is a great way to bring the comforts of indoors to the outdoors, but not all may have the outdoor space available to incorporate both. For entertaining, having a dining set may be more important than a sofa if barbecues and family dinners are planned for outside, and the same style foundation can be achieved by choosing the perfect one. The Gardeon 11 Piece PE Wicker Outdoor Dining Set in Black features an elegant and sophisticated black angular design, along with a glass top table with timeless modern style. Made for durability, the dining set seats 10 and features a space-saving design to work best in outdoor living spaces of all sizes.

For smaller spaces perhaps not suited to a more sizable outdoor dining set, there is the similarly styled Gardeon 7 Piece Outdoor Dining Table Set in Black. This smaller set has a bar-style, but remains completely functional with a modern style to entertain up to 6 guests all at one table.

Furthering Your Design Through Décor

Your sofa or dining set will likely set the stage for the rest of your décor. Acting as a major focal point, these pieces will draw the eye to the space, where it will then travel around admiring all of the additional style elements. While your décor is completely up to you when it comes to what your style really needs, there’s always a few good places to start.

Outdoor heating is a big part of night-time entertaining, keeping guests comfortable all throughout the year. A modern firepit like the Outdoor Portable Lightweight Octagon Fire Pit is the perfect example of a firepit with a distinctly modern appeal, which will provide your guests with a warm place to gather and share time together. Firepits aren’t your only option for outdoor heating, and contemporary options may be found with ethanol heaters, gas heaters, and infra-red patio heaters as well.

Another consideration you may wish to make while choosing your accessories and décor is an outdoor rug. Placing an outdoor rug within your outdoor room provides a homely appeal you simply can’t achieve without one, and it can give your space those much needed pops of colour that keep your modern look going while adding something of interest. A rug like the Anna Floral Indoor Outdoor Rug in Cream is full of bright colour pops, and works well with just about any type of modern look you’re going for.